It is the most

It is the most Not to overturn the image of the world which is formed in young consciousness, and the careful parent has to master its space, and having mastered, relying on his concepts, it is possible to pass to the most important task attempt to teach the growing personality to art to win, understand and accept itself and people around.

It is the most interesting topic of conversation for any, the most diffident and closed young man, it is the gold key opening a door in soul of your child.

Use it, and all the rest provide lives.

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Its movements

Its movements The baby in the first months of life mainly is in the bent situation.

At this stage the head of the kid seldom is on the average line, he cannot actively control position of the head, but, lying on a stomach, he turns the head sideways not to choke.

Hands of the kid are bent, palms are slightly squeezed, feet are bent and divorced.

Its movements sharp and unorganized.

Bright light and a loud sound force it to blink or cause Moros reflex, but sense of these irritants he does not understand yet.

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Now there

Now there At a cerebral palsy it is difficult for children to hold lips close and regularly to sglatyvat a saliva.

It is humiliating and unpleasant for the big child constantly to go wet, because of that that saliva flows.

Now there are some ways to help such children.

For example, use a plaster which contains the substance reducing development of a saliva.

Besides, the surgery when salivary channels on which the saliva comes to a mouth, develop is performed in such a way that the saliva flows down not forward, and back, in a throat.

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It is useful

It is useful Movement To understand how there is a motive development of the child to a cerebral palsy, it is necessary to learn first of all how the movements at ordinary children develop as the person studies basic movement skills on which then more difficult types of movements are based.

It is useful to observe also how ourselves move then it will be much simpler to estimate why the child with a cerebral palsy moves anyway and what exactly stirs it to the movements.

Our muscles work according to certain schemes samples, or patterns.

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Game Pick

Game Pick Then suggests to listen once again to riddles, to remember and call words which in a different way call a nesting box and starlings.

Lexical ball games.

Game Pick Up Action.

The logopedist offers children, passing a ball each other, to call separate actions phrases which can carry out birds in the spring.

Bird y in the spring that does yut?

sing ringing songs, chirps yut, twist nests, hatches out yut eggs, cares yatsyaitsya about baby birds, jumps yut, arrives yut from tropical countries, look for and peck bugs, caterpillars, cleans yat plumelets At difficulties of children the logopedist uses type questions helps: What birds with branches do?

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That is I could

That is I could I was not ready to devote myself to the kid.

Protection of the thesis about sources of the European integration and development of the chosen profession of the specialist in public relations here on these tops I was going to clamber the next some years.

To admit, I did not perceive children in general.

That is I could povoskhishchatsya, besides absolutely sincerely, the beautiful diligent girl or the obedient clever boy, but no more.

To Povoskhishchatsya and right there to switch to subjects, more interesting to me.

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Earlier Invariable was only my sofa with a heap of pillows.

The situation was not rescued even by books of the World Bestseller series from a home library.

Earlier I also could not imagine that sometime at me will be time them to read.

And here it came.




And even thoughts that all this not just like that, and for the sake of the kid, could not bring me out of a condition of deep depression and plaintive pity to themselves.

From the modest list of that would give me pleasure and though a little distracted from heavy thoughts, I was not able to afford practically anything!

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